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Economics of Happiness Conference

Local Futures and David Korten’s Living Economies Forum are presenting the Economics of Happiness Conference on October 27–29, 2017 at the scenic, waterfront Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA “to discuss, discover and devise better systems for now and the future.” Click here for a list of speakers or to register (early bird until Oct. 20th.) The conference […]

Convivium in Senior Living

“What if everything you’ve been told about aging is wrong? Our culture tells us that aging will change us against our will, and for the worse. But, internationally acclaimed longevity expert Dr. Bill Thomas argues that this is false. Blending myth and science, live music and visuals, Dr. Bill Thomas’ ChangingAging Tour is a modern-day American Chautauqua […]

Building Healthy Communities

Around the world, communities face pressing health challenges related to the built environment. This 5 minute video encourages individuals, organizations, governments and private developers to collaborate and build healthy communities. “Builders, urban planners, architects and transportation leaders are health professionals. They don’t think of themselves as white coat folks, they don’t think of themselves as […]

Disrupting Inequality

Disrupting Inequality

  United Way of Northern California has been sponsoring The Prosperity Initiative since November 2014. It is “A cross-sector collaboration of individuals and organizations interested in creating lasting solutions to multi-generational poverty issues and the effects of those issues in our local community.  The vision of Prosperity is to create a…

Your Neighbors Nextdoor

Your Neighbors Nextdoor

Yogi Berra was said to have quipped, “If you don’t go to somebody’s funeral, they won’t come to yours,” – a tongue-in-cheek aphorism that articulates the value of social networks. Robert D. Putnam’s 2001 book Bowling Alone “chronicles the collapse of American community – how we have become increasingly disconnected from one another and…

Making Redding A Beloved City

Making Redding A Beloved City

Rocky Slaughter was correct when he posted on Facebook “…2014 is the most significant year for change in Redding I have ever seen. The Safe City Project presentation tonight was the most forward thinking, diplomatic, level headed, straight-to-the-point discussion…” I didn’t agree with all of the 11 “solutions”, points-of-view or…

Good Things Are Happening in Redding, CA

Good Things Are Happening in Redding, CA

Rick Bosetti, Mayor of Redding, CA delivered the State of the City 2014 address to a packed crowd at the Civic Auditorium at noon on September 23, 2014. Twice Bosetti brought up the vexing topic of crime, but as a retiring Mayor he preferred to emphasize the good things that…

Yes… And

The Record Searchlight, as a a local newspaper, serves as a valuable forum for engaging community conversation because of it’s editorial opinions and columns, four of which have caught my recent attention: Missy McArthur’s  July 25, 2015 Speak Your Piece on Crime. Silas Lyon’s July 26, 2014 Opinion Column on Easy…

Well-Being Index for Redding, CA

Let’s change the conversation for the upcoming Council election for Redding, CA If the City of Santa Monica can have a “well-being” index, so can Redding! Fast Company tells more of this story. Let’s work on this together.

Making Healthy Choices Easy

Community well-being is partly the result of our institutional and environmental policies about public health issues. These can be changed for the common good in Redding, CA. We can work together to make healthy choices the easy, default choices in our schools, gathering places, streets and neighborhoods. Healthy Shasta and Shasta Living Streets are making […]

Prosperity For All

On June 11-13, 2014, the 12th Annual BALLE Conference is being held in Oakland, CA and it will bring hundreds of entrepreneurs and local business leaders together around the Localist movement. Their goal is to “create a new economy with a living and breathing heart of justice at its center.” BALLE envisions that “a global system of human-scale, […]

Well-Being Through Integration

Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Dan J. Siegel says both enzymes and emotions have something to do about well-being. Well-being is about integration. Integration is “a word we use to describe how different elements can be brought together in a functional way to create harmony in our lives.” The human mind is not just about how molecules interact […]

Designing Healthy Communities

In summer 2012 PBS TV station KIXE had a four episode documentary series on Designing Healthy Communities. Former California Health Officer Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, explained how well-designed communities can improve the physical and mental health of individuals, families and communities. While there are no currently scheduled rebroadcasts, the four, one-hour ephisodes available on DVD: Episode […]

Redding CA Well-Being

Redding CA Well-Being

As New York Times best-selling author Tom Rath notes in his book Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, well-being is “far more than health and wealth—it’s the combination of many aspects of life. Well-being is about the interaction between physical health, finding your daily work and experiences fulfilling, having strong social relationships and access…