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Don’t be Realistic!

Rabbi Michael Lerner admonishes us in this YouTube video: Don’t be Realistic! “We know that people want a world that is based on love and justice and yet many people do not believe such a world is possible so they give up their dream and hopes and strive to succeed in our capitalist society. This […]

Interfaith Sacred Service

On Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 7:00-8:30 PM Rev. Lynn E. Fritz and Kathy Zavada present an Interfaith Sacred Service – an evening of ritual, music and an inspirational message. Lynn Fritz is an ordained Minster of the International Centers for Spiritual Living, Native American; Kathy Zavada is a national…

Shasta County Interfaith Forum

Wednesday I attended the lunch meeting of the Shasta County Interfaith Forum (SCIF). I was impressed by the congenial, respectful and supportive attitude expressed among those attending. Spiritual leaders representing various Christian denominations, LDS, Unity, Unitarian, Jews, Sikhs, Muslim, Buddhists, Bahais, Science of Mind and other spiritual persuasions were present. They were looking for ways […]

Spiritual, but Not Religious

When most people say that they are “spiritual, but not religious” they often mean they don’t go to church, but commune with the universe or something larger than themselves in nature. If they mean “not religious” in the sense of not following rigid/mechanical standards of piety and behavior and yet…