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Building Healthy Communities

Around the world, communities face pressing health challenges related to the built environment. This 5 minute video encourages individuals, organizations, governments and private developers to collaborate and build healthy communities. “Builders, urban planners, architects and transportation leaders are health professionals. They don’t think of themselves as white coat folks, they don’t think of themselves as […]

Safe and Smart Priorities

Marc Beauchamp suggests in his July 12, 2014 Record Searchlight Editorial, that we need to “make crime the No. 1 issue in the November election,” after quoting excerpts from several vitriolic emails he has received. Homeless persons, transients, drug users, alcoholics, scrawny punks, mentally ill persons and outright criminals are all lumped indiscriminately together as if homelessness […]

Making Healthy Choices Easy

Community well-being is partly the result of our institutional and environmental policies about public health issues. These can be changed for the common good in Redding, CA. We can work together to make healthy choices the easy, default choices in our schools, gathering places, streets and neighborhoods. Healthy Shasta and Shasta Living Streets are making […]

Designing Healthy Communities

Designing Healthy Communities

KIXE will be re-broadcasting Dr. Dick Jackson’s Designing Healthy Communities – a 4-part series on Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, 2012 from 8-9 pm. In this series Dr. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH (former California Health Officer, currently at UCLA) explains the link between our health and the way our communities…