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Healthly Community

Healthly Community

“The idea of building communities that are walkable, bikeable, and green, designed for people to live in them, to exercise in them, to help them be fit—it aids in the violence reduction activity because it helps with mental health, it helps with community engagement, it helps with community cohesion,” said…

Making Healthy Choices Easy

Community well-being is partly the result of our institutional and environmental policies about public health issues. These can be changed for the common good in Redding, CA. We can work together to make healthy choices the easy, default choices in our schools, gathering places, streets and neighborhoods. Healthy Shasta and Shasta Living Streets are making […]

Family Bicycling Day in Redding

Shasta Living Streets invites you to Family Bicycling Day on Parkview Avenue, Redding, CA on Sunday, May 4, 2014 from 10 AM to 4 PM. This Sunday, Parkview Avenue from South Market Street to the Sacramento River will be transformed into a car-free zone for public enjoyment, allowing family, friends,…

A Place At The Table

Earlier this week we watched A Place At The Table, now available through Netflix. The problem of hunger in the United States is due to poverty, not a shortage of food. Child obesity and hunger are related because of government subsidies that enable low prices on high calorie junk foods. Healthy Shasta, Growing Local Shasta and […]

Fun At Redding Market

The FARM Club (Fun At Redding Market) is a new fun program of Healthy Shasta, being implemented only From May 25 to June 29, 2013. “The purpose of the FARM Club is to connect kids with fresh, delicious, farmers’ market produce. Participating students will receive one $2 token per visit…