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Interfaith Cooperation & Collaboration

Interfaith Cooperation & Collaboration

Many observers of religion in America have reported on the recent rise of the “nones” as well as those who identify themselves as spiritual but not religious. But did you know that more than three in ten (31%) of Americans are neither spiritual nor religious, according to these definitions: Spiritual…

Connect to Something Greater Than Ourselves

Connect to Something Greater Than Ourselves

Rufus Burrow, Jr. in Communitarianism and the Beloved Community, wrote that Martin Luther King Jr. believed people must strive to be in community in a particular way – “…minimally, this must mean respecting each other’s personhood, sharing the bounties of God’s world, and intentionally working toward the development of the…

A Referendum on Congressional Dysfunction

Yesterday, November 4th we saw a shift back to a Republican majority in the Senate in our politically polarized nation. But in my opinion, this event should be viewed more as “a referendum on incumbent politicians by voters disgusted with the dysfunction on Capital Hill,” than a signal that the nation has moved more to the right. […]

Making Healthy Choices Easy

Community well-being is partly the result of our institutional and environmental policies about public health issues. These can be changed for the common good in Redding, CA. We can work together to make healthy choices the easy, default choices in our schools, gathering places, streets and neighborhoods. Healthy Shasta and Shasta Living Streets are making […]

Be The Bridge

Seems to me society and politics in the United States has become too polarized, no thanks to the talking heads on TV, the ranting voices on radio and the money that supports them. Too many of us get our “news” in predigested sound bites. In the pursuit of ratings, I…

1517 Protest Movement

In addition to being Halloween tonight, October 31st is also the day commemorated for Martin Luther tacking the 95 theses on the wall of the Wittenberg church – the beginning of a protest movement! Diana Butler Bass calls us to “Put the Protest Back in Protestant”. She emphasizes “the heart of…