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KFOI FM Radio Is Now Live

from: https://www.kfoiradio.org/

After 11 years of planning, progressive community radio station KFOI is now live at 90.9 FM – offering information, insight and inspiration to the North State region (south to Orland, north to Shasta Lake and east to Shingletown.) KFOI is broadcasting with 12,000 watts, with their antenna located near Paynes Creek, just north of Highway 36 in Tehama County.

Their programing includes: Good Morning World, Democracy Now!, The Hartmann Live, Broadcast, Sprouts, 530 Podcast, Enjoy Exceptional Living, Letters to Washington, Food Slueth, Bioneers, Flashpoints Daily News Magazine, Bioneers, Intermountain Classics, Comings and Goings, Jazz Influences, Native Wide Radio, KPFA Weekend News, Rhino Rock Radio, Back In Time, First Voices Radio

The KFOI website has live streaming of the station so you can listen on your computer; an RSS feed from Pacifica Evening News; NorCal Weather Vibe; California DOT Road Conditions; Weather Radar; Fire Conditions; Earthquake Forecasts; Environmental New Feed; IRIN (the inside story on emergencies.) There is also an Events Calendar.

KFOI is community supported, non-profit – looking for various volunteers and donations to support their $35,000 annual nut.

KFOI replaces the slot previously occupied by Jefferson Public Radio’s Classics & News Service which is now at a new frequency at 96.9 FM. Their new frequency will provide an even better signal, expanding their service further South into Shasta and Tehama Counties and North into Siskiyou County. They’ve installed a brand new transmitter for 96.9 FM and increased its power significantly.