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Public Trust

CC Statistacharts from Edelman Trust Barometer via Forbes http://bit.ly/2DF0HHN

Out of all people, those living in China have the most trust in their government, according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer.

This past year there has been a “record-breaking drop in trust in the United States…. Trust among ‘the informed public‘ in the U.S. imploded, plunging 23 points to 45, making it now the lowest of the 28 countries surveyed, below Russia and South Africa. The collapse of trust in the U.S. is driven by a staggering lack of faith in government, which fell 14 points to 33 percent among the general population, and 30 points to 33 percent among the informed public. ”

“Exactly half of those surveyed indicate that they interact with mainstream media less than once a week, while 25 percent said they read no media at all because it is too upsetting. And the majority of respondents believe that news organizations are overly focused on attracting large audiences (66 percent), breaking news (65 percent) and politics (59 percent).”

Edelman said “Trust is only going to be regained when the truth moves back to center stage. Institutions must answer the public’s call for providing factually accurate, timely information and joining the public debate. Media cannot do it alone because of political and financial constraints. Every institution must contribute to the education of the populace.”

“Government, business, NGOs and the media will need to work together to find a new foothold with the public, one that is firmly grounded in a commitment to truth.”

~ Linda Ross, Edelman President, Washington D.C.