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Restoring Our Relationship to Earth

David C. Korten, in his Winter 2018 article in Yes Magazine, How to Restore Our Relationship to Earth, offers solutions and specific actions to counter the effects of corporate domination of our economy and money politics.

  • “Build local relationships of caring and equitable sharing across the lines of race, religion, and class.”
  • Radical redistribution of access to and control of the essentials of living.”
  • “Limit the growth of our numbers by making family planning services freely available to all and encouraging their use.”
  • Switch from farming methods that destroy the soil and deplete water sources to ones that restore soil fertility, clean water, and sequester carbon.
  • Replace our use of coal, oil, and gas with wind and solar energy.
  • Strengthen society’s safety nets.
  • Create laws that stop “expropriation of resources of the commons, public subsidies, monopoly profits, financial manipulation and fraud, and/or political corruption.”
  • Reward “individuals who make unusual contributions to the common good,” but limit passing on wealth and legislate the redistribution of wealth to “fund educational and ‘livelihood opportunity trust funds’ for every young person.”
  • Legislate a “sharply progressive income tax” and tax laws that reward individuals to “gift their estates to finance worker and community cooperative-owned enterprises or land trusts.”
  • Strengthen resilient local economies “where each community bears responsibility for living within the means of its own natural land and water endowments, creating a clear community incentive to see to their care and to limit reproduction and nonessential consumption.”
  • Periodically renew corporation’s charters, based on whether they to “serve a beneficial public purpose.”
  • Bring about “deep cultural, social, and institutional transformation that recognizes our common humanity, fulfills our need to share and care for Earth and one another, and fills the lives of all with an abundance of love and joy.”
  • “Education and organizing to make the politically impossible politically unstoppable.”

To these I would add nurturing an attitude of the sacredness of Earth and all creation; plus inspiring and empowering women and young people that they can make a difference and change the course of history by restoring our relationship to Earth.

Check out the Next System Project and watch their YouTube video.