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City of Redding Providing More Transparency


Last week the City of Redding unveiled “OpenGov,” a new online feature that allows citizens to explore a wide range of City financial data, providing unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability.

City Council members on October 17, 2017 received a preview of the OpenGov portal, which is easy to find on the home page of the City’s web site. The feature makes it easy for the public, as well as internal users, to explore the City’s budget and financial information simply and graphically.  It delivers both historical and current financial information, immediately answering questions such as “what are the General Fund sources of revenue?” to “how much did each department spend on pension costs?”

The financial data will be updated monthly, allowing citizens to access and analyze up-to-date information. The City plans to post other types of data on the OpenGov portal in coming months, such as public safety statistics.

“City of Redding data belongs to everyone,” said City Manager Barry Tippin. “It is most valuable when it is easily available to our citizens in a form that is understandable and useful. That is what OpenGov does and we are very excited to offer this new feature.”

The City of Redding joins over 1,600 city, county and state governments, special districts and schools that rely on OpenGov to be more effective and accountable. The City of Boston recently launched a website called “Analyze Boston,” and both the California National Resource Association and the City of Phoenix announced plans for their own open data portals.

“Our open data portal is a win-win for the City of Redding and its citizens,” said OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman. “On average, governments receive 20 percent less requests for information after they launch their OpenGov open data portals. That means citizens are getting the information they need, and it saves governments time and energy that can be spent elsewhere.”

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