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Discovery – Constellations of Listening

If you’re a fan of Krista Tippett’s On Being online conversations, as I am, perhaps you subscribe to podcasts, listen and read interview transcripts on their website and subscribe to their newsletter updates. Good stuff, but sometimes it’s such a firehose of input that you know you must have missed something that would have been of interest or you are simply unaware of important related interviews.

Now, with their new discovery engine (Constellations of Listening app) you can explore hundreds of On Being conversations by theme and create a playlist tailored to your curiosities. You can also navigate by one of four themes: arts, sciences, social good, and spiritual inquiry, but what’s really unique is that this relationship algorithm tool “tailors an experience that goes beyond topics and crafts an experience unique to you. This dynamic tool that allows you to uncover threads that serve as connective tissue among the many wise voices featured in the On Being podcast!”

As you play with their discovery tool, you’ll notice that the interviews with the strongest relationships appear at the top of the list of conversation threads. Each time you click on one of these “whispers,” a new series of conversation threads is revealed. Also when you scroll through a transcripts on discovery.onbeing.org you can click on the treads to the left and be led to new discoveries.

On Being’s hope is “to make it easier for you to discover new conversations that enrich your understanding of the world. Then, save them as playlists and share them with others so you can discuss.” I particularly like the share links to Facebook, Twitter and Email.

I wish I had such a powerful algorithm tool for ReddingVoice.com or some other website I frequent!


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