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Gathering Spiritual Voices Of America

This 10-minute YouTube video is of the Gathering Spiritual Voices Of America to Deepen our Knowing of Oneness and Our Compassion as a Nation, brought together in 2008 in Aspen Colorado by the Global Peace Initiative of Women. Among the voices are Thomas Keating, Cynthia Bourgeault, Swami Atmarupananda, Zalman Schacter, Anna Douglas, Rami Shapiro, Joan Chittister, Sraddhalu Ranande, Joan Campbell and Mohammed Bashar Arfat.

This National Reflection with America’s Religious and Spiritual Leaders urgently pleads for greater spiritual awareness and redefining our priorities as a nation:

“As a nation, we embody the wisdom of every major faith tradition and have a strong indigenous tradition of our own, where the sacred was a defining force.

Our plurality and religious diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

As a nation, we have reaped the benefits of material advancement, but have also come to know the pitfalls of this kind of progress without an accompanying spiritual awareness.

This call to Gather the Spiritual Voice of America is an effort to draw the best of Americas spiritual wisdom to help the nation redefine its priorities and find a new way forward.

How do we bring the sacred back to our center, how do we deepen our knowing of oneness and our compassion as a nation, and what transformations would this bring into the workings of our everyday lives and into the collective sphere?

A shift in thinking and behavior must come into being within the next few years if we are to alleviate the suffering these challenges may engender. Can we respond in time? To do so, we must begin to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, expand our empathy to encompass all, and redefine our priorities. The old models will not lead us forward.

We must as a nation see where the future is calling, because the choices and steps we take as Americans in the next few years will have great impact on the rest of the world.”

This call is even more urgent in 2017 for oneness to save the earth from violence, suffering and environmental degradation.