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Redding Bridges to Housing

photo of Barbara by Melissa Englebright from: http://reddingbridegestohousing.org

Did you know that Redding Bridges to Housing has helped 30 people living on the street in Redding find housing since they started in October 2016? They do a Friday outreach, finding people living under bridges and in other makeshift shelters. Through case managers they help people find their way back into housing so they can heal.

Their first “graduate,” Barbara is 73 years old, has chronic health conditions, and lived under the Cypress Bridge for 20 years. She is now living in an apartment with her dog, and is self-sufficient.

Bridges operates closely with Case Managers from Shasta County HHS and HOPE Van Outreach of Shasta Community Health Center. They now have 3 volunteer case managers helping homeless individuals in their journey back to housing, health and self-sufficiency.

Dr. Doug McMullin MD and Melissa Englebright are the compassionate driving force behind Redding Bridges to Housing. “Dr McMullin and case managers from the HOPE program at Shasta Community visit our homeless in the streets and in their camps to provide medical care – and frequently find homeless people wanting to enter housing. Melissa is working to put the human back into homeless by sharing photos and stories of our homeless residents on her Facebook page, People of Redding.”

Bridges to Housing has partnered with United Way, their fiscal sponsor. The non-profit has received raised $40,000 to date with some help from the McConnell Foundation, but most of the approximately $1,000/month they currently receive is from individual donors who average $20/month. Click here to donate today.

In addition to money, they need more volunteers to mentor people as they emerge from homelessness and household items. Contact Doug at dmcmullin@shastahealth.org 530-941-2189 for details as they frequently change.

Visit their Facebook Page for stories that put a face on homelessness in Redding CA.