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I Love Redding

Photo by Rick Bonetti

Most Redding CA residents love it here and are inclined to emphasize the positive things they now enjoy and that originally attracted them to this place – the beautiful Sacramento River; nearby lakes; access to outdoor recreation; normally clean air; lack of auto traffic congestion; a small community; friendly people with down-to-earth human values; affordable home prices; etc.

Nigel Skeet is a transplant from Los Angeles who fell in love with Redding as a place to live some 7 ½ years ago. He’s a single Dad with two lovely twin girls. With 25 years background in photography, marketing and a savvy understanding of the internet, he sees Redding as loaded with potential and attractiveness, particularly to those in the Bay Area.

My wife and I also moved from the Bay Area to Redding in 2010. We regularly visited our “upstream dream” starting in 2006. We have adult children and grandchildren in Redding, Chico and Ashland, so Redding was a natural retirement choice for us. Where else could we have a lovely, affordable home with such a beautiful backyard that backs to open space and yet is so close to conveniences, excellent services and facilities such as hospitals? Where else could we find a scale of community where we could become involved in the arts and feel we could make a difference?

Nigel is looking for other stories of people who love Redding and is posting them on the ILoveRedding Facebook Page. He also regularly posts local events on Redding Weekly FB Page. In the development stage are websites for I Love Redding and Redding Weekly calendar. Message Nigel if you are interested in contributing.

Perhaps Nigel Skeet is most well-known locally as the instigator of “Homeless Rock Stars,” which “extracts and expose the inner rock star of the homeless, to themselves, their local community and beyond.  This restores hope and self esteem to the Rock Stars and it repairs the relationship between the community at large and the homeless.” So far there have been 5 local Homeless Rock Star events plus Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and Seattle.

I know Nigel Skeet as one of the young rock stars of our community, bringing creativity and positive energy.


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