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World Happiness


from: http://worldhappiness.report

Did you know that 70% of people worldwide smiled, experienced a lot of enjoyment or laughed a lot yesterday. That should make you smile too.

This YouTube video highlights the United Nations World Happiness Report, released in March 2017.

The study suggests that the key factors accounting for variations of individual happiness or conversely misery are: freedom, generosity, health, social support, income and trustworthy governance.

Interestingly, the study concluded that mental health explains more of the variance of happiness in Western countries than income does.

Some authors of the report conclude that America has a social crisis, not an economic crisis, which has not translated into public policy.

“Almost all of the policy discourse in Washington DC centers on naïve attempts to raise the economic growth rate, as if a higher growth rate would somehow heal the deepening divisions and angst in American society. This kind of growth-only agenda is doubly wrong-headed. First, most of the pseudo-elixirs for growth— especially the Republican Party’s beloved nostrum of endless tax cuts and voodoo economics— will only exacerbate America’s social inequalities and feed the distrust that is already tearing society apart. Second, a forthright attack on the real sources of social crisis would have a much larger and more rapid beneficial effect on U.S. happiness.”

Author Jeffrey D. Sachs remind us that “social capital in the United States has been in decline for several decades now… A small group at the top of the income distribution has continued to make striking gains in wealth and income, while the rest of society has faced economic stagnation or decline, worsening public health indicators (including rising rates of drug addiction and suicide), and declining social trust.”

He suggest that generalized trust among Americans has been falling for decades due to 5 factors:

  1. The rise of mega-dollars in U.S. politics
  2. Soaring income and wealth inequality
  3. The post-1965 surge in immigration to the United States, especially the rise of the Hispanic population
  4. The aftermath of 9/11
  5. Severe deterioration of America’s educational system

Gallup just released in June the 2017 Global Emotions Report, which takes issues with the UN’s traditional parameters for gauging happiness and asks How People’s Lives Are Going – did they experience enjoyment in life; learn or do something interesting; were they well-rested; did they laugh or smile; were they treated with respect; or were they angry, stressed, sad, in pain or worried.

This field of study suggests that about 30% of individual behavior is rational and the other 70% is emotional. The 2017 Global Emotions Report draws from the largest behavioral study of its kind, a project known as the Gallup World Poll. They argue that emotional happiness in successful societies are determined more by: law and order; food & shelter; institutions & infrastructure; good jobs; well-being; brain gain; and quality GDP growth.

“Measuring life’s intangibles – feelings and emotions – gives leaders a picture of well-being in their country and quantifies ‘what makes life worth living‘.”

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  1. Rick Bonetti

    June 28, 2017 at

    Freedom + Friends + An Examined Life = Happiness ~ Epicurus https://youtu.be/RxglF5DipeY

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