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Enneagram Global Summit

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Enneagram is a multi-dimensional typology of nine interconnected personality types, “that can lead you beyond the patterns of your personality and into the most enlightened dimensions of who you are.”

Shift Network is having a FREE online/phone Enneagram Global Summit from June 5-9, 2017 featuring today’s top enneagram teachers. Here’s an outline of the programs for the five days:

  • June 5: An Introduction to Foundations and Key Dynamics of the Enneagram
  • June 6: Personal and Vocational Growth
  • June 7: Inner Work and Transformation
  • June 8: Spirituality, Horizons and Boundlessness
  • June 9: Innovative Applications

“As you embrace and deepen your knowledge of the Enneagram, you’ll discover compassion for yourself and others and begin to see the world through new eyes. The Enneagram will help you tap into your true nature, improve your relationships and experience healing in all the areas of your life. You’ll gain insights into your unique gifts and become empowered to fulfill your highest calling for the planet.” As a spiritual tool, the enneagram is seen as a path to higher states of being, essence, and enlightenment.

The enneagram was introduced to the West by G.I. Gurdjieff in 1916 as a symbol of the harmonic structure and inner dynamic of the cosmos (see Fourth Way enneagram.) In the early 1970s, Oscar Ichazo’s Enneagram of Fixations, an application of the enneagram quite distinct from Gurdjieff’s original diagram of the “Laws of 3 and 7,” began its evolution in Claudio Naranjo’s Seekers After Truth (SAT) groups in Berkeley. The nine Enneagram personality types are principally derived from the teachings of Ichazo and Naranjo.

Visit The Enneagram Global Summit Program Page to access the program sessions live and for 48 hours following their broadcasts. Digital recordings and downloadable transcript of the Summit, plus 9 bonus programs are available for $97, only at time of registration.

The Enneagram Global Summit is just one program of many produced by The Shift Network. Everything they do is designed to create a shift in consciousness and change the world, so keep your eyes open for their ezine, The Catalyst, and other interesting opportunities we’ll be sharing over time.