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Community Supported Agriculture

For several reasons, we are supporters of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s) in Shasta County. We have a partial share at Oliview Farm in Anderson where we get organic, fresh, seasonal vegetables, eggs, herbs and olive oil delivered weekly to our home in Redding.

Oliview CSA is in their fourth year. They are hoping to grow slowly into the role of food provider, and at full capacity expect to serve about 100 families. In 2017 they will be taking on up to 20 full shares and deliveries will occur between May and November. Shares are packed at Oliview Farm and available twice a week either on Wednesdays or Saturdays at the farm, or once a week on Wednesdays for delivery in Redding. You are always welcome to come to the farm to pick your own produce!

May has arrived with warmer weather and vigorous plant growth, but vegetable production at Oliview CSA has still been delayed because of the cold and wet April. We had an unusually late frost just 2 weeks ago and the soil took longer to warm up, which delayed seed starting by several weeks. Oliview now anticipates starting delivery of vegetables the 3rd or 4th week of May, so it’s not too late to sign up for shares.

If you are interested in signing up, please visit their website and contact Pedro or Elizabeth Betancourt at 530-357-2321 or at OliviewFarm@gmail.com. They are located at 5854 Telephone Gulch Rd., Anderson, CA.

“In nature, much of life occurs at the interface of soil, water, air and sun. Double-dug beds, with soil loosened to a depth of 24 inches facilitates root growth and improve water retention. The health and vigor of the soil are maintained through the use of cover crops. Close plant spacing is used to protect soil microorganisms, reduce water loss and maximize yields. A focus on the production of calories for members and carbon for the soil ensures that both the farmer and the soil will be adequately fed and that the farm will be sustainable. Oliview Farm is also committed in minimizing the use of plastics and other fossil fuel products on our farm. This method feeds directly into their farm mission statement:

Approach the production and provision of food with respect for the innate dignity and beauty of each player in the process – seed, soil, animals, people – as well as the process itself. 

This local, community-based approach to agriculture holds huge power and promise as a tool for addressing some of our core challenges, including those of local economy, individual health, and climate change and food security.”

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