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A Clean Break for Homeless

from: https://www.facebook.com/cleanbreakpartnership/

Starting on Saturdays, February 4, 2017, Clean Break Partnership is setting up a pilot project of a portable shower trailer for Free Hot Showers at Shasta Community Health Center, 1035 Placer Street, Redding CA. (in the corner of the parking lot across the street.) Showers will be available on Saturdays for 12 weeks from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is service for the housed and un-housed alike, but it will likely be used mostly by the un-housed members of our community. The project is being paid for by funds raised in October 2016, although the Good News Rescue Mission is one of their partners. There are zero tax implications.

This is a new idea for Redding CA, but similar projects have been launched elsewhere: Clean Start (City of Santa Rosa & Catholic Charities,) Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle, Think Dignity (Turning the Hearts Center in Chula Vista.)

Help support SCHC’s vision of a cleaner and healthier Redding by donating to their project! With your help, SCHC can purchase a shower and restroom trailer to provide the dignity and respect deserving to all members of the Redding community.

This is the donation portal for our HOPE Van, but all you have to do is add a note saying “showers” and your donation will be directed toward the Clean Break Partnership. Donations are completely secure and you don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate. Also, 100% of your donation goes towards this project, nothing will be deducted for fees or processing. This is why SCHC chose to collect donations using this method.”

If you are interested in helping out in other ways, Teri Zanni is organizing volunteers. Pilgrim Congregational Church and Redding Homeless Day Resource Center are also collecting hygiene items for our unsheltered residents in Redding.

Everyone deserves dignity, respect and a clean break.