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Launch Campaigns, Not Non-Profits

OMG, we have not even had the Presidential inauguration yet, and I am already suffering from extreme media over-exposure fatigue from the President-elect with his disregard for facts, lack of respect for intelligence and decorum, the continuing insult responses to criticism, nepotism, lack of transparency, dangerous foreign policy by 140 character tweets and much more. The disgust is heightened by the dignity, grace and continued hope from the Obamas as they leave the White House. How can we endure 4 years of this dangerous circus?  I am LOL to avoid crying.

GOOD Magazine has some practical advice in their Winter 2016 edition: Launch Campaigns, Non Non-Profits. They point out that “in the face of a Trump president and a Republican-controlled Congress, federal funding for the social causes we care about may be slashed.”

Beyond funding concerns, the article gives some suggestions as to what are the most effective ways to channel your energy as an activist. They recommend acting locally – running for local office; committing to political discourse at a weekly family dinner; speaking up at town hall meetings; calling your representatives; street protests; support your friend’s GoFundMe campaign; volunteer for an organization; and even a bake sale to “spread your message with frosting.”

It may be easy, but only marginally effective to start a #hashtag campaign; boycott a product; seek celebrity endorsements; write lengthy Facebook screeds; or send bullet-pointed emails to Paul Ryan, who does not check that inbox. Low on their effectiveness list are wearing a safety pin; arguing politics via your family’s group chat; self-righteous subtweets; and flying out to a far-off protest to “save the day.”

If you have not done so already, now is the time to join/contribute to ACLU of Northern California, Planned Parenthood Northern California and local peace and justice efforts such as Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect (SCAAR), Euphrates Institute, the Peace Initiative, etc. Ask yourself what specifically your local church is doing to preserve the dignity, respect, freedom, rights and liberties of ALL people and to support already existing non-profits and agencies? What local efforts might they be missing? How might we get outside our silos and collaborate?

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