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Future For Good

from: http://www.iftf.org

from: http://www.iftf.org

“How will we mobilize eight, nine, ten billion people into a new force for life? How will we change our minds to change our collective economic, political, and interpersonal fortunes? How will we reweave delicate biological relationships in ecosystems battered by ever-increasing temperatures? How will we see what we can make, and make what we can see?” These and other questions are asked by Institute For The Future‘s (IFTF) Future for Good initiative, which brings together innovative social thinkers to start this process.

The future is calling to those who will turn imagination into reality and vision into action – those who ask provocative questions and seek actionable, impactful answers. They will meld seeing with doing and thinking with making, inspiring all of us to join—for the future belongs to everyone.

An example is Tess Posner, a 2016 IFTF Fellow and Managing Director of the TechHire, a national initiative to get more Americans rapidly trained for well-paying tech jobs–through collaboration with key stakeholders including state and local government leaders, workforce development programs and education providers. TechHire is helping 71 American communities creating pathways to economic prosperity for all.

Each year since 2013 six Future for Good Fellows join IFTF for four months—from May to August—to create visions and develop actions for our collective good. Become a champion for the future and support this fellowship today.

We must all dedicate ourselves, our careers, and our aspirations to create a future for good, now and in generations to come.