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Kids Letters to the President-Elect


How can parents draw out any positive aspects of the recent Presidential election to teach their children? One answer is to have children write letters to President-elect “about the importance of being kind to other people, even if they’re different than you are.”

Washington Post has an inspiring article written by Amy Wang ‘Do not say mean things’: Kids are writing to our Presiden-elect, asking him to be a kind president. 

There is a closed Facebook Group, currently with over 12,000 members, titled Dear Mr.President: Letters from Kids About Kindness. Here’s an example of the wisdom of kids that is inspiring to all of us:

How to be nice!

1. Say kind things like well done
2. Don’t blame other people when it is you doing the bad thing
3. Don’t lie
4. Don’t scream at people
5. Behave
6. Don’t tell people what to do
7. Have nice manners like say thank you and no thank you
8. Listen to other people
9. Don’t talk meanly
10. Don’t hurt people
11. Help people
12. Being different is COOL!!!

Warm regards,
From Kela (in the UK)
Age 7

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