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Redding Futures

ReddingFutures.com - photo by Micah Seth

ReddingFutures.com – photo by Micah Seth

Are you frustrated, invested, and hopeful about Redding, CA? Then sign up at reddingfutures.com.

If you were at October 15, 2016 TEDxRedding you heard a brief presentation by Jack Burgess, who invited people to participate in a design and collaboration session on Redding futures, which will be “fun, active, collaborative, and visual.”

As of November 3rd, 140 people had signed up and the first design session is being scheduled for January 2017 – more on the exact date and location to come. As it now stands Jack has enough people for at least 6 sessions, so he says he needs to be careful about how many sessions he gets in the queue, so he is not doing any social media promotion. This will grow organically.

Jack did a prototype session on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 with 28 people at the Shasta Venture Hub. Micah Seth took some great photos, which are posted on Facebook, and they will give you a taste of what the 2017 sessions will look like.

Feel free message Jack on Facebook with any and all questions.