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Shasta College Center for Community Engagement



Shasta College Center for Community Engagement (SCCCE) is a collaboration between education institutions and the larger community (locally to globally) for the sharing of knowledge and resources.

Their mission is “to foster a learning community that facilitates learning for civic engagement in our local and global communities and that addresses societal challenges through long-term sustainable partnerships through community engagement.”

They do this through volunteerism; service learning; community service; alternative spring/summer breaks; and field education/work.

The SCCCE is guided by an active advisory board composed of students, community partners, K-12 representatives, faculty, staff and administration with the mandate to support the center’s mission.

  • Community Partners
    • Kristen Schreder, Women’s Fund
    • Linda McCrea/Dani Brewster, Women’s Health Specialists
    • Tina Cook, Nor Cal Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    • Kat Lowrance, Rowell Family Empowerment
    • John Truitt, VIVA Downtown
    • JoDee Rinker, Planned Parenthood
  • K-16 Partners
    • Dr. Cricket Kidwell, NERCC Region 2 Service Learning Lead
    • Dr. Carol Wertz, NERCC Region 2 Service Learning Advisory Board/Simpson University
    • Beckie Luff, SCOE
  • Shasta College
    • Heather Wylie, SCCCE Coordinator, Sociology Instructor
    • Dr. John Whitmer, History Instructor
    • Melanie Huisman, English Instructor
    • Dr. James Tate, Anthropology Instructor/Curriculum Council
    • Roger Gerard, Hospitality Management Instructor/Worksite Learning
    • Dr. Ralph Perrin, ACSS Dean
    • Dr. Kate Mahar, Director – TRIO Programs
    • Leann Williams, Employment Development Services
    • Roxanne Reyes, Student Senate Service Learning Representative
    • Tabitha Martin, Student Senate Secretary
    • Brett Barney, Student Representative

For more information visit Shasta College Center for Community Engagement at 11555 Old Oregon Train, Room 2308, Redding, CA 96003 or call (530) 242-2337 or send an email to SCCCE@shastacollege.edu Heather Wylie is the SCCCE Coordinator.