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Downtown Redding Improvements


On October 11, 2016 a $20 million grant was awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council as part of their Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program. This is a huge event for downtown Redding redevelopment as it opens the way for K2 Development’s plans for a 4 story building (3 floors of residential above first floor commercial) to be constructed at the site of the old Dickers building.

A year ago I posted about the Downtown Redding Transportation Plan Drawings showing Market Street open to vehicular traffic between Tehama and Placer Streets.

The final draft of the Downtown Redding Transportation plan is now available for review and will be presented to the Redding Planning Commission for review and a recommendation for acceptance to the Redding City Council on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 4 p.m., in the City Council Chambers located at City Hall. The City Council will consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation at a later date, to be announced.

The proposed Redding Downtown Loop and Affordable Housing Project converts portions of Market, Butte and Yuba streets to complete streets and constructs a protected bike lane connecting the historic Diestelhorst Bridge and Sacramento River Trail to Downtown Redding, where the housing development is located.


Opening up this “C shaped” section (Butte, Market and Yuba Streets) to traffic will put pressure on further opening up Butte and Yuba completely toward the west to again connect California and Pine streets with two-way cross traffic, but two buildings in the right-of-way will first have to be acquired and the existing parking structure modified.

Building encroachments in the southern most section of Market Street between Yuba and Placer (including the Atrium Promenade building) make opening this section to vehicular traffic problematic and could undermine momentum for reinvigorating the whole of downtown Redding if not resolved.

The Downtown Specific Plan process has just started so it will soon be a good time for both public input and celebration that the failed mall and Promenade will finally be upgraded.