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Twenty Propositions


Follow the money.

If you live in Shasta County you have 20 ballot measures to vote on this general election; some were not listed my earlier post from Our Revolution so here are additional resources.

Don’t have much time? Click this link for the California League’s non-partisan ballot recommendations.

If you really want to know what’s going on, click on the links below from Voters Edge (California League of Women Voters of California). In addition to pros and cons, they have information on organizations that are for or against and how much money various groups have contributed.

Thank you to Alice Bell and The League of Women Voters of the Redding Area for these links!

Follow the money, not the advertising! For example the mailer from No on 56 claims “special interests are rigging the system” and “no accountability” [sound familiar] while tobacco companies have contributed $66 million to defeat the proposition, while the medical establishment has raised $22 million in support of a Yes vote on 56. Five organizations say vote No while nineteen support a Yes vote. You decide who are the “special interests” and if the public benefits.