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California Ballot Initiatives

from: https://ourrevolution.com

from: https://ourrevolution.com

By now you have probably received your mail-in ballot and realize that you now have to make final decisions on the California Ballot Initiatives for November 8, 2016.

After Bernie Sander’s supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign the populist revolution movement he started morphed into Our Revolution.

Officially launched in August 24, 2016 Our Revolution is concerned with the following issues: Income Inequality, College Tuition, Big Money in Politics, Foreign Policy, Immigration, Creating Decent Paying Jobs, A Living Wage, Climate Change, Racial Justice, Puerto Rico, Affordable Housing, Women’s Rights, AIDS and HIV, LGBT Equality, Empowering Tribal Nations, Caring for Our Veterans, Medicare for All, Strengthen Social Security Prescription Drug Prices and Disability Rights.

Our Revolution supports state and local candidates and recommends voting for the following California ballot initiatives:

Our Revolution has “tens of thousands of volunteers and millions of supporters. The launch of Our Revolution was viewed by more than 400,000, including more than 60,000 who attended the 2,600 events.”

“We are all committed to Bernie’s bold progressive agenda. We are committed to conducting state-based outreach and political strategies. We are committed to leadership diversity, not only for this board, but in our staffing and leadership at all levels. We are committed to democratic decision-making, transparency, political independence and small-dollar fundraising:”

  1. Great groups — “We pledge to support the diversity of the groups and networks that made Bernie 2016 unique. We will not all agree on everything, but we will work towards unity on many things.”
  2. Great causes — “We will support movements organizing around the critical issues facing us. Sometimes these issue campaigns will stretch out for months or years, like the campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But we are also prepared to seize the moment, supporting campaigns like the fight against the Dakota Access Bakken pipeline in North Dakota and Iowa.”
  3. Great candidates and ballot measures — “We will back candidates in primaries and general elections. We will back ballot measures that help create a 21st century democracy and help get big money out of politics, as well as other issues that promote racial, environmental and economic justice.”

Our Revolution is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations to Our Revolution are not deducible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

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