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We Look Forward To Paying Taxes


from https://www.facebook.com/reviveredding

Some people are so cynical of government or self-focused that they think it is smart to avoid and oppose paying taxes. It’s not that we always agree with public priorities or the way some of our taxes are spent, but we are part of a society where we need to focus on the common good. Each of us benefits when all are included and we each pay our fair share.

We support YES on Measure D and Measure E in the upcoming November 8th election in Redding CA.

We must have a safe community. Our City and County leaders have created a Blueprint for Public Safety – a plan to target and significantly reduce the criminal element in our community and better provide for those with mental illness.

When the two Measures pass, they will provide the only source of funds necessary to build, staff and maintain an improved quality of police & fire protection, jail facilities, substance abuse treatment and mental health services in our area. We need long-term (10 year) commitments; the City’s reserve funds are not sufficient – lasting only 6 months while maintaining a mandatory 5% reserve.

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Strong public endorsement of YES on Measure D and Measure E are part of the reasons we are also supporting Julie Winter and Lea Tate for City Council. Not only do they both see passage of these two Measures as important, but they have a positive vision for the City of Redding with revitalization of downtown Redding and the Park Marina district as also important and they have an open mind to the notion of “housing first” and a homeless day resource center.

Yes, we look forward to paying an increase in sales tax by 0.5% ($2.50 for every $500 we spend on taxable good locally), with the funds going directly to public safety. Measure E is the accountability piece that assures the money is spent on public safety.

We want Safe Streets NOW.

If you agree, you can show your support by sending money to Revive Redding PAC, ℅ Strategic Political Solutions, PO Box 6901, Visalia, CA 93290

Don’t forget to vote!