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Oligarchy vs. We The People

 Photo: Backbone Campaign/cc/flickr via Common Cause

Photo: Backbone Campaign/cc/flickr via Common Cause

Bill Moyers notes in a recent article in TomDispatch.com entitled: We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People: Saving the Soul of Democracy, “A plethora of studies conclude that America’s political system has already been transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy (the rule of a wealthy elite).  Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, for instance, studied data from 1,800 different policy initiatives launched between 1981 and 2002.  They found that “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”  Whether Republican or Democratic, they concluded, the government more often follows the preferences of major lobbying or business groups than it does those of ordinary citizens.”

We the People?

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