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The Cosmic Mass

Cosmic Mass

Matthew Fox narrates this video of The Cosmic Mass, which is based on the four paths of creation spirituality:

The Cosmic Mass: An Equinox Celebration & Participatory Community Ritual for All Ages will be celebrated on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Historic Ashland Armory, 208 Oak Street, Ashland, Oregon.

If “there is no community without ritual” as Malidoma Some observes, then the opposite might be true also. That building ritual helps to create community (since, after all the word “community” comes from two Latin words, “to share a common task together”).

The Cosmic Mass (TCM) is an interactive community dance celebration created by Matthew Fox in the 90′s that re-invents the form of worship.  The Cosmic Mass – Ashland will feature performance and visual artists from our own community as well as all those who come to participate and co-create.

It integrates elements of techno-rave, temple, art exhibit, dance hall, meditation, and intentional space to touch the deepest parts of our being and cultivate our relationship with our own personal form of spirituality within a community. Incorporating cosmology, ritual, immersive visual art, music, spoken word and the practice of dance, The Cosmic Mass invites participants of all spiritual traditions to engage body and spirit directly.

The Cosmic Mass reinvigorates Western ritual by deconstructing the forms of worship we have inherited from the modern era and going back to the most primal form of worship: dance. DJs and live musicians provide the musical ambiance and the VJ or video artist provides immersive images that tell the story of the theme celebrated. We dance in the presence of these images, bringing in the spirit of the theme.

Imagine experiencing your inner connection to the Divine, touching your sorrow, connecting with your creativity. Imagine feeling connected to a community of kindred spirits who inspire you to create positive change in the world. Imagine emerging from a worship celebration feeling that every element of your being has been engaged.

Impossible? No – this is the Cosmic Mass (TCM).  Join us!

For more information visit the Ashland Source Center website with a link to online ticket sales. The event is supported by the Baraka, Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and Ubuntu Works.