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Eleven Days of Global Unity Summit


The 11 Days of Global Unity Summit from September 11-21, 2016 bridges gaps by connecting and promoting changemakers who are working within each of the identified themes (below) and then mobilizing these agents into 11 Campaigns for Change, offering a comprehensive blueprint for global transformation. This is an example of truly moving from vision into action!

The 11 Days of Global Unity Summit, produced by The Shift Network in partnership with We, The World, has become a worldwide platform, linking changemakers and their awareness and action campaigns locally to an inspiring global movement for the promotion of peace, justice, sustainability and transformation.

You are invited to participate each day as they discuss and celebrate the 11 Campaigns for Change:

  • September 11 – Unity
  • September 12 – Interdependence
  • September 13 – Environment
  • September 14 – Economic Justice
  • September 15 – Health
  • September 16 – Children And Youth
  • September 17 – Women
  • September 18 – Human Rights
  • September 19 – Freedom
  • September 20 – Disarmament
  • September 21 – Peace

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