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Women’s Equality Day

Womens Equality Day

August 26, 2016 is Women’s Equality Day, as proclaimed by President Barack Obama.

“Nearly one century ago, with boundless courage and relentless commitment, dedicated women who had marched, advocated, and organized for the right to cast a vote finally saw their efforts rewarded on August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment was certified and the right to vote was secured.”

The institutionalized tradition goes back to 1971, one year to the day after the 1970 Women’s Strike for Equality March, when Congress passed a resolution designating Aug. 26 as Women’s Equality Day.

The President’s insistence on gender equality focused on three points:

  1. No woman should earn less than a man for doing the same job — equal pay for equal work should be a fundamental principle of our economy and our democracy.
  2. Ensuring all young women can live full and healthy lives is vital to their pursuit of personal and professional goals.
  3. Underrepresented in management positions, underfunded as entrepreneurs, under-encouraged in STEM fields, and confronted with higher levels of unemployment, women and girls of color still face very real challenges, significant opportunity gaps, and structural barriers.

This stands in stark contrast to the misogynist, alt-right views of some affiliating with Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

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