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Politics – Platforms, Policies & Programs

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This past two weeks, Americans, or at least the public media, have been immersed in spectacles, fear-mongering, diatribes, name-calling, dramas, speeches, platitudes, criticisms and endorsements at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, as they nominate candidates for the next President of the United States.

We have heard lots of slogans and some platform policy statements, but little about specific programs about how they would realistically be implemented with an uncooperative Congress. The two candidates for POTUS have very different values and experience for the top position. They represent stark contrasts in approaches: cooperation vs. competition; common, collective interests vs. those of individuals; participative democracy vs. strong ruling authority.

The Republican Party platform starts out with our fears, drawing attention to the dangers we face as a nation and praising our military, law enforcement and first responders who protect us.

The Democratic Party Platform starts out on a positive note of diversity and unity: Out of Many, We are One, with the slogan “We are Stronger Together.

What I find interesting is the huge religious differences between Republicans and Democrats as identified by Pew. How can people who call themselves Christians read the same Bible with such different understanding on what are the important issues? How can evangelical Christian Max Lucado only have reservations about the decency of Donald Trump and not find the content of his platform inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus?  How could anyone advise evangelicals to abstain from voting for president and focus instead on congressional and local and state elections as several pastors recently did, citing only character and not content?

I must admit, I didn’t get evangelicals supporting Donald Trump for so-called “commitment to biblical values” until I read George Lakoff’s blog post on Understanding Trump. It’s a long read, but worth your time! I blogged about Lakoff’s book Moral Politics some time ago, but until recently did not make the connection to Trump.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have low popularity ratings, but one will be our next President, so voting for the one who will do the most good and not endanger our country really matters. Don’t sit out this election! Vote.

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  1. Rick Bonetti

    July 30, 2016 at

    Randall Balmer’s May 16, 2016 article in the Washington Post explains evangelical support for Trump: “a majority of evangelicals surrendered their prophetic voice decades ago, first with their support for Ronald Reagan and then by climbing into bed with the Republican Party. In a word, they secularized, trading their fidelity to the Bible and their own heritage of social activism for what amounted to a mess of pottage, the illusion of political influence. Rather than echoing the biblical cries for justice and peace and equality, they settled for the claptrap of hard-right political orthodoxy and thereby became just another interest group, a political entity susceptible to the panderings of politicians.” http://wapo.st/2azp2SW

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