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Make America Afraid Again

Hat available from ThinkProgress.org for $25 donation.

Hat available from ThinkProgress.org for $25 donation.

Washington Post had an interesting article on Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. They also fact-checked the claims of decline, many of which a blatantly not true. Here are a few truthful excerpts to counter the fear mongering:

  • “Homicides and overall violent crime, in both raw number and rates per population, have been on a decades-long decline in major cities.”
  • “The overall number of police deaths has decreased in the past two decades.”
  • Current legislation efforts in Congress to overhaul the criminal justice system, specifically on sentencing policies “has bipartisan support and has brought together an unlikely coalition that includes Koch Industries and the American Civil Liberties Union.”
  • The number of people on food stamps is actually “the lowest number of people receiving food stamps since it reached its peak in 2013.”
  • Regarding high taxation in the U.S., “Out of 34 countries… United States [is] in the bottom third — and well below the OECD average of 34.4 percent.”
  • NAFTA “was negotiated and signed by President George H.W. Bush.”

ThinkProgress has their own list.

You might be interested in subscribing to Washington Post’s Fact Checker. This may require a WP digital subscription, which is free if you have a Record Searchlight print subscription; to get an Washington Post access email contact RS at RScirc@redding.com or call (800) 666-2772.

Here’s a link for the hat.