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Creation Spirituality Movement Gathering

from http://creationspirituality.info/

from http://creationspirituality.info/

Do you have a taste for the writing of Matthew Fox and spiritual mystics such as Hildegard of Bingen or Meister Eckhart? Then you might be interested in attending the Creation Spirituality Movement Gathering in Berkeley CA on July 28-31, 2016.

The (r)evolutionary Creation Spirituality Movement is “a spirituality for the 21st Century, reawakening mysticism and protecting mother earth.” It is based on ancient judeo-Christian tradition, supported by leading-edge science, bearing witness for social, environmental and gender justice, voiced most powerfully for this generation by the spiritual theologian Matthew Fox.

Fox’s integrative, multi-sensory mysticism has stimulated countless conversations about God among the young and spiritually inquisitive. He was expelled from the Catholic Church in 1993, but then ordained into the Episcopal Church and founded the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality.

Creation Spirituality has been described by as “original blessing, the Cosmic Christ, panentheism, deep ecumenism, multi-sensory worship, the re-invention of work, the re-invention of education, justice as compassion, everyone a mystic, a prophet, an artist, a priest…”

“Creation Spirituality honors the Universe as blessing. Every creature, every human being, every tree, every stone, and every star is filled with the spark of divine nature. The practices of Creation Spirituality draw from religious and indigenous wisdom and from contemporary theologians and scientists. It is both an eco-spiritual movement and an age-old tradition that celebrates the gift of creation.”

“Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC) includes people from all sacred traditions, cultures, races, sexual identities, and ages – those who are seeking a deep spiritual connection to one’s self, one another, the Universe and the Divine Mystery that inhabits it all. CSC provides ways to connect with others through communities, activities and social networking. Enter here to learn about CSC and how you can be a part of this ancient and modern tradition.”

“CSC is a network of individuals and communities that provide training, education, resources, support, guidance, structure, and encouragement for those who seek to live more deeply into the wisdom of creation. It is an evolving community that honors the sacredness of all creation and cultivates the mystical, creative, and visionary capacities of the whole human family.”