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Co-creating Generative Space in Community

Sketch notes by Yvonne Hollandy from AxiomNews.com

Sketch notes by Yvonne Hollandy from AxiomNews.com

“You don’t analyze and engineer a generative space. You host and you convene and you narrate.” Bill Templeman

What does it take to co-create and hold a generative space in community? What questions do we start with? What are the design constraints to generate real, felt change? How does individual agency fit in? What’s the place of analyzing and engineering versus hosting and narrating a generative space?

Peter Pula of Axiom News explored these and related questions in a dialogue with friend and colleague, Bill Templeman, who also happens to be an active community leader in his own right.

“Say you want to reduce homelessness… then focus on what you would rather have than homelessness. If you focus on a problem and you design around a problem and you build actions around a problem, what you’re more likely going to get is more of the problem.” Peter Pula
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“Axiom News provides generative news services and hosts transformative community conversations for businesses and organizations committed to open communication, and to being agents of benefit for the world they serve.

Their work will help you identify your assets, strengths and possibilities. They draw from methods including Asset Based Community Development, Open Spaces, and Appreciative Inquiry. These are collaborative and constructive approaches that create new energy and opportunity while end-running political sensitivities and traditional barriers.”