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Transformation in the Holy Land Trip

Redding’s Euphrates Institute is hosting Transformation in the Holy Land, a 15 day journey through Israel and the West Bank from September 12-26, 2016. Explore ancient Biblical sites, examine present day Middle East politics and social landscape, and interact with over 20 different groups who will help you better understand the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The deadline to register is June 1, 2016. If you are interested please email trips@euphrates.org to receive registration forms and additional trip details.

Founded in 2006, the Euphrates Institute is a response to the critical national interests at stake in the Middle East, coupled with the troubling lack of public awareness about the region–especially regarding the local grassroots efforts to elevate society, reduce terrorism, and promote freedom.

Janessa Gans Wilder, Founder and CEO of The Euphrates Institute. The Institute’s name came from Janessa’s experience early in 2004 when she was on a military base outside Fallujah, Iraq, during a major battle between US marines and Iraqi insurgents. Sitting on the bank of the Euphrates river several weeks later, she was struck by the calm, uninterrupted flow of the water.

The objectives of Euphrates Institute are to Inform, Inspire and Transform. First, Inform – educate yourself! Learn to think critically about politically and emotionally charged issues. Take your time, and learn to see from others’ perspectives. Then, Inspire – discover the oft-untold local and regional stories of success and progress in order to aid their efforts for peace and amplify the voices of reason. There are plenty of outlets to hear about our enemies, but far too few to learn about our friends! And finally, Transform – Active citizenship begins at home. You be a change agent and voice of reason in your own community.