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Redding City Council Candidates

Compared with our current national political spectacles, the bids for the two open, non-partisan, Redding City Council seats in November 2016 is very positive, civil and sedate!

There are some good people running and you may not have heard much from them yet. Here’s a few links and a little information that can be found on the internet about the five hopeful candidates.


Lea Tate – Dr. Lea Tate is a clinical psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs. She grew up in northern California and moved back to Redding in 2008 after earning her BA at UC Berkeley; a MA and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; and after working for Kaiser Permanente. She is a musician and athlete in her spare time. Matt Moseley, Mike Dahl and Matt Morgan are on her campaign team.

She “would like the opportunity to take on the challenges of improving our community. By addressing the multiple issues cohesively and collaboratively, we will be poised to overcome the hopelessness.” She wants to “strengthen Redding’s position as the health care hub of the North State” and “address substance abuse, homelessness, mental health, crime and public safety as related issues instead of isolated problems.”

Julie Winter – Julie is a nurse-practitioner who has lived in Redding since 1989.

She is “a 2012 graduate from Leadership Redding and is a member of Redding Rotary, Women’s Fund, Turtle Bay, Friends of the Library, Shasta Historical Society, Shasta Living Streets and the Shasta Arts Council.  She currently serves on the City of Redding Community Development Advisory Committee.” Julie is a Bethel Elder and a volunteer board member of Advance Redding, which manages the Redding Civic Auditorium.

“Julie is focused on finding ways to help launch and grow businesses to increase jobs and provide economic opportunities for our citizens.  She believes that an improved economy helps move people out of poverty and provides revenue to pay for needed social services.”

Julie has a vision to make Redding “one of the Top 10 cities in the United States to live, work and raise a family,” based on “the abundant, natural beauty of our area and in the gifted and talented people who live here.”

Adam McElvain – Adam is a past President/and founding member of the Active 20-30 Club of Redding. He is a graduate of Simpson University and a veteran with the Air Force and National Guard. He has  served on the Redding Electric Utility Commission, Community Services Advisory Commission, and the Redding School of the Arts Governing Board. He is a businessman and co-owner of Pacific Sky Creative, Inc.

Adam sees “public safety is the primary responsibility of the city,” but also prioritizes economic development in two areas: solar and creation of a Redding internet utility.

Gary Cadd – Gary is an incumbent City Councilman whose first term expires at the end of 2016. He is considered to be a tea-party candidate concerned about “new laws changing our ability to manage our land and water rights” and “becoming a stronger voice in discussions with Federal and State agencies whose actions often have a draining effect on our region.”

Robert Hale – Robert went to West Valley High School and was general manager with B & G Delivery System Inc. in Redding for 15 years. He is a quadriplegic from a car accident and an advocate for the disabled.