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Convergence Christianity

Did you know that in the broad spectrum between the socially and theologically conservative religious right and liberal Progressive Christians there is a growing movement of progressive Christian people of faith in America? This convergence movement “bridges the divide between the mainline traditions and the progressive evangelical world, allowing us to take the best of both worlds as we form and re-form the future church.” There is “an impatient readiness to move beyond narratives of decline to narratives of hope and empowerment” and an ethos of gentleness, similar the Mesa movement. Some have called it the Great Convergence.

“The Convergence Movement is bringing together forward-thinking Catholics, Evangelicals, and mainline Protestants, along with ethnic and peace churches and other willing colleagues, in a growing movement-building collaborative. This movement connects people and organizations to solve great problems and participate in new opportunities, especially to heal the human spirit, to foster abundant life in community, to seek the common good, and to promote responsible living with the earth.”

Convergence is inclusive, just, generous, collaborative, relational, wholistic and incarnational: “As followers of Jesus, we respect the dignity of all people, and we build bridges across barriers of race, religion, wealth, gender, or privilege. When we help people develop in character, in spiritual health and maturity, in well-being and true aliveness, we embody the Good News that is God’s gift to the world.”

Their initiatives involve:

To find out more, visit the ConvergenceUS website; subscribe to Common Good (a twice weekly newsreel for progressive people of faith – a joint project with Faith in Public Life); and if you are so moved, join the collaboration by becoming a church or individual member.