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Demagogue vs. Populist

Seen on the street in Redding CA

Bumper stickers seen on the street in Redding CA

No doubt about it – Americans are angry at the national political establishment that is so polarized it cannot get anything done!

Insiders are out, leaving those in the middle wondering if only the most loud, shrill and most outrageous/extreme voices will prevail.

Will momentum build to motivate and empower younger people to become engaged in national politics and actually vote? Will a populist voice for the many actually be able to rise to power and prevail over big money?

Ezra Klein writes “theĀ rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in AmericanĀ politics.” He goes on: “Trump is the most dangerous major candidate for president in memory. He pairs terrible ideas with an alarming temperament; he’s a racist, a sexist, and a demagogue, but he’s also a narcissist, a bully, and a dilettante. He lies so constantly and so fluently that it’s hard to know if he even realizes he’s lying. He delights in schoolyard taunts and luxuriates in backlash.”

The race for President is far from over, but Hillary Clinton currently has a perceived honesty problem, which gave Bernie Sanders a 60% to 38% victory in the New Hampshire primary. But could Bernie Sanders actually be successful if elected as President to get anything done with a Republican dominated Congress?

Media loves the drama, but will voters tire of the rhetoric? Will a moderate voice emerge to be heard and embraced? Will “otherwise intelligent people bother to vote” in November 2016?

Right now it looks like a long, noisy battle between a demagogue and a populist is ahead.

5 Responses to Demagogue vs. Populist

  1. Rick Bonetti

    February 12, 2016 at

    it takes a movement – Robert Reich

  2. Rick Bonetti

    February 12, 2016 at

    If Facebook represented the majority of US residents, here is who people “like” for President in Feb. 2016 http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/facebook-primary/

  3. Midget01

    November 15, 2016 at

    You say Media loves the coverage but will voters tire of the Rhetoric. You know the article is part of the media and you are trying to influence our Rhetoric like you are on our side. Yes we are sick of the way politics has been framed by the media. Media has gotten itself in a position to where the voter’s don’t know who to trust, the media or any of the politicians. I for one would rather deal with someone ranting and raving in my face then smiling and pulling off Mafia type politics like those that go on in New York or Chicago. I am from Indiana now and got use to Bobbie Knights ranting raving and throwing chairs but he did produce winning teams. But I can’t live with a woman who wants sympathy and lies directly to my face and denies what she professes to be truth when reality is she is an atheistic baby killer who pretends to understand stay at home mom’s who love their children. She is not even sexy to appeal to the men unless they see her as a person who would hide their indiscretions. Give me a break Nobody won this election: especially not even the country. We can only hope that Trump does 1/3rd of what he said. All three of them make George Bush look like a prince. Our country has been going down hill for quite sometime and it took this election to get people mad to do something about it. But it is hard to have a voting opinion when it looks like both sides are equally as bad or maybe are even working together for their common good – not America’s. Religion is a toy for them. They use it to stir the fires of this country against one another. The Atheist smiles and acts like because she didn’t say it that we are to assume she is a law abiding politician who will help those who are on the end of the spectrum. Then theirs the upper class millionaire who talks like most people who wish they were and promises to get them there. If it’s too good to be truly it really is. Neither of them have a clean background. We have no Saints in the United States and so we settle for the only ones whose ego let’s them step up for power. Where have we come??? We are no different then Rome when it fell. Isn’t it time we stop fooling ourselves and begin to see we need to get back to basics and put sex, drugs, and politics on the shelf where they once were. Murder Mysteries were fictions written to stir our minds and our thinking. When did it become a reality in life. We not only kill our babies before they are born but we also take away the livelihood of the seniors who can’t get out at work anymore and we are proud to call us America. Even though some countries are poor by our standards they are actually much better off without acting like a democratic society that doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. We have some people who struggle from day to day to stay alive but everyone acts like the only poor are those living in Africa or another small country and don’t even notice their next door neighbor is facing a worse crisis. You wonder why people apply for welfare and don’t work anymore Look at a country that is governed by people who create situations that make people poor. In order for this society to win we must have a percentage of poor and a percentage of rich. If not it doesn’t work for the kind of politicians we have had in office. Will this year be any different now that we have a good number of the house and senate as one party. We will see? Time will tell. We can’t get any worse then we have been. If we do will it be the Media leading us that way or the politician and or both. Honest was lost a long time ago. We want to say God still exists but our government has taken Him out of schools, off of court house lawns and is trying to deny us the right to talk in public about Him. Yet when it suits the politicians the media let’s our sacrificial female Lamb quote scripture even though she doesn’t profess to believe in a God and nor does she act like a Christian. Come on people face it either we work on taking our country back or settle for Hittler’s promises when he died. I think he has risen through Isis and now America just may be the next Germany that Hitler was trying to take over.

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