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Lost In The Wonder

Creative Commons image by webtreats via Flickr

Creative Commons image by webtreats via Flickr (modified)

For some liturgical-oriented Christians, February 10, 2016, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent this year, ending 6 weeks later in Holy Week and Easter on March 27, 2016.

This tradition of 40 days of preparation dates back to the 11th century according to Lauren F. Winner. In the past, Lent has often been seen as a time of penance, fasting and giving up something (chocolate; alcohol, whatever…); but last year, Pope Francis down-played the role of sacrifice and self-denial and emphasized a “fast from our indifference to others.” He quoted the apostle Paul’s notion of inter-relatedness: “If one member suffers, all suffer together.”

This year, Jo Hudson encourages us that “instead of giving up something” or “doing something to be better,” we might just spend this season “lost in the wonder, love and praise of God.”

If the universe is the “body of God”, and God is in everything and we are in God, then how can we experience the heart of God?