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Octuberfest 2015

Original watercolor by Lynne Bonetti

Original watercolor by Lynne Bonetti

People of Progress is having Octuberfest 2015 on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 from 5:30-7 PM at First United Methodist Church at the corner of East and South Streets in Redding, CA.

This annual dinner celebrating people, potatoes and the many foods that have sustained cultures throughout centuries will feature guest speaker Dr. Sharon Brisolara, Dean, Shasta College Department of Access & Equity, who will give a short overview of the aspirations and actions of Shasta College’s newest department.

Music will be from Miracle Mile Records, Redding new musician-owned record label. Bread from Patty Pam Bakery will feature delicious, local gluten-free loaves.

Tickets are $15 for adults with children twelve and under $6. Reserve tickets by phone (530-243-3811) and they will be held at the door for you or visit People of Progress website and use PayPal or drop by POP Super Sized Thrift Store at 1242 Center Street, Downtown Redding or purchase at the door!  Proceeds to People of Progress.

If you’ve never been to Octuberfest before please note that most of the evening consists of guests visiting with each other. They will provide some idea prompts at the table which have sparked great conversations over the years. They’ll also have a topical quiz where each table answers as many questions as they are able, turns it in and the first table with the most correct answers gets a prize. This quiz is elective, not mandatory in order to graduate!

Please come with some friends or meet some new ones.  Plan on a nice, memorable evening!