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Internal Travel with Global Spirit

Image courtesy of Global Spirit http://www.cemproductions.org/globalspirit/

Image courtesy of Global Spirit http://www.cemproductions.org/globalspirit/

Since 2003, Krista Tippett has taken us on an audio and podcast journey toward the meaning of being human, through her NPR program On Being.

Now, Global Spirit is billed as “the first internal travel’ online TV and DVD series – an unprecedented inquiry into the universe of human consciousness, humankind’s belief systems and wisdom traditions.

Programs focus on universal themes that concern us all on the most basic human level: Forgiveness, Oneness, Ecstasy, Earth Wisdom, Art and the Creative Spirit, and more.

“Presented by British actor and writer John Cleese and hosted by author and spiritual seeker Phil Cousineau, this unique, critically-acclaimed series features renowned experts such as Deepak Chopra, Karen Armstrong, Robert Thurman, Riane Eisler, and many others. Mixing evocative film segments with deep discussion, Global Spirit takes viewers on a mind and soul-expanding journey, exploring the relationships between ancient wisdom traditions, diverse belief systems, world religions, metaphysics and modern science.”

Global Spirit started streamed online (each Sunday at 6:00 pm PT) on June 5, 2015 and goes until October 25, 2015. Click here for the broadcast schedule.

Major funders include: Fetzer InstituteKalliopeia FoundationCompton FoundationONE FoundationDoris Duke Foundation for Islamic ArtShelley & Donald Rubin FoundationAngeles Arrien FoundationCharles Engelhard Foundation, Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, Betsy Gordon Foundation and anonymous donors