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Our Global Connectivity



On July 21, 2015 PBS station KIXE aired the outstanding program Humanity From Space, a 2-hour documentary chronicling the evolution of humans from hunter-gathers to the dominant global species on earth. I recommend it. If you missed the program PBS has a DVD available for sale.

As a geography student I have long been fascinated by man’s interaction with our physical environment. Growing from 7 to 9 billion people will present challenges.

Although the documentary accurately portrays the grim environmental and social challenges that face mankind’s survival on earth over the next several decades due to both forecast extraordinary population and technological growth, it remains optimistic about how small flashes of innovation have historically changed and can still change the course of civilization in the future.

Earlier I watched the Skip Showers for Beef parody, that also points out the heavy water consumption of California’s livestock industry. Our physician advises that the healthiest diet is to eat nothing that has a face.

Humanity From Space was produced by Darlow Smithson Productions and Handel Productions Inc.

For years I had a 1968 NASA photo of the earth taken by Apollo astronauts hanging on my wall. NASA recently released new images of our blue marble (above). We have only one earth to call home and the view from space gives us the proper perspective. We’re all interconnected, global citizens.