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2015 NVAL International Juried Photo Show

North Valley Art League is now showing the 2015 International Juried Photography Show from April 28, 2015 to May 30, 2015  at the Carter House Gallery, 48 Quartz Hill Road, Redding, CA 96003.

There were 1,140 entries this year, but only 140 images where chosen for the exhibition, which features two categories of acceptance:

  • Gold Selections – 90 images: Only Gold Select:ion images are eligible for award. They are now be exhibited at the Carter House Gallery and also on the NVAL website.
  • Silver Selections – 50 images: These images are included in the Carter House Gallery exhibit as a digital slide show and on the NVAL website, but are not eligible for cash award.

All forms of photographic expression were encouraged: from film-based to digital capture — black and white darkroom to digital manipulation and alternative processing — montages to hand-colored photographs. However, the majority of the winning Gold selections were black and white photos and with a few exceptions, color photos generally had subdued colors.

Tom Sempere, executive Director of PhotoAlliance in San Francisco, CA judged the exhibition. One might ask how did he as the juror select those images that rise above?

“First, I look at each page as a stand-alone work.  I assume that what is given on the page is supposed to be there – nothing more, nothing less. I let my eye walk through the image, and without words, try to surmise what that photograph is about. I ask ‘why did the photographer give us what we are seeing, and what might they intend emotionally, politically, or formally?’ How did they treat the medium itself? Did they embrace traditional methods or did they work up a less trodden path? Does the content match the subject? Is there storytelling going on? Do I get the message? Or, perhaps the work is pure abstraction, a social document, a sublime landscape, or very simply – just a moment in time grabbed by the camera’s eye”

“All these elements flash through my mind in an instant. It rarely takes me more than a few moments to visually sum up a photograph. I look for accomplishment, but then, even more importantly, I look for individualism and some clue that the artist owns the work and has made it uniquely theirs. Sometimes that shows up as perfection, or as a wry sense of humor, an off kilter framing, a waiting for the precise right moment or the acceptance that the precise moment will actually never come, but the picture is to be made anyway.”

“In other words, what we witness through this selection is the hard work of the artists, each getting to know photography in their own way…”

Awards will be announced at a public reception on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 7 PM at the Carter House Gallery.