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Image courtesy of Nigel Skeet http://northstatestudios.com

Image courtesy of Nigel Skeet http://northstatestudios.com

In order to humanize all people who live in Redding CA without the typical nightly shelter of a house or apartment, Nigel Skeet has photographed some of them and is displaying posters of his work (which will be for sale), one night only, on Friday, January 9, 2015 at 6 PM at the Redding Civic Auditorium, 700 Auditorium Drive, Redding CA.

Homeless people are brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They are part of family Рtheirs and ours. They are not an abstract label of people to be ignored, avoided, scorned or just bused out of the area (although reuniting people with their family or support system is a very good thing!)

According to a summer 2014 survey by the Good News Rescue Mission, most local homeless are not transients – they are from the Redding area. Only 23% have been here less than 3 months. They are part of us.

Those without nightly shelter are part of our human family and we have, perhaps unknowingly, created societal conditions that has resulted in much suffering. Homelessness is a cycle that is hard to break once someone falls into it. Many have mental problems, disabilities or addictions. Some are veterans and the elderly. Some have had medical problems or fallen on hard times because of the recession. Some are just poor because they cannot secure jobs that pay well enough to support themselves and their families.

Yes, many have made bad choices in life, but all people deserve to be treated with dignity.

Would you allow your family to sleep out in the cold or go hungry?