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Creating a Future for Good

Image courtesy of IFTF

Image courtesy of IFTF

In 2013 Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto, CA launched the Future for Good Fellowship Program, a four-month partnership to bring together innovative social thinkers/visionaries to turn their imagination into reality and action.

So far Future for Good has partnered with 12 Fellows:


Tim Hwang – @timhwang is Principal Investigator, Data & Society Research Institute.

Wellington Nogueira – @WELLNOGUEIRA is a medical clown who founded Doctors of Joy and is now working to bring joy to workplaces in Brazil as part of his fellowship program.

Jessy Kate Schingler – @jessykate is Founding Partner, Open Door Development Group

Drew Sullivan – @DrewOCCRP is a Journalist & Media Development Specialist is co-founder of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, who is mapping the future of crime beyond law enforcement—looking for alternatives that don’t require the continued escalation of our police forces and prison systems.

Rahiel Tesfamariam – @RahielT is Founder & Publisher of UrbanCusp.com. She is a writer, activist, public theologian, speaker and former Washington Post columnist.

Vinitha Watson – @phishfry is Co-Founder & Executive Director of Zoo Labs.


Milton Chen – Dr. Milton Chen is Senior Fellow and Executive Director, emeritus, at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), a non-profit operating foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area that utilizes its multimedia website Edutopia.org and documentary films to communicate a new vision for 21st century schools.

Gabriella Gomez-Mont – @gggbriella directs Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Mexico City’s new creative think-tank and experimental space.

Ariel Waldman – @arielwaldman is Creator of @Spacehack + global instigator of @ScienceHackDay. Member of the @NASAIAC External Council + @NASciences Human Spaceflight Committee.

Sam Gregory – @SamGregory is a leader of the human rights organization, Witness, who used his fellowship to map the future of “Co-presence for Good.”

Shannon Spanhake – @channelshannon is Gov hacker, rap battle hustler, Deputy Innovation Officer for City of SF, IFTF Fellow.

David Thigpen – @dthig55 is a Public policy thinker, journalist, culture critic.

Institute for the Future is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping people envision and make a better future. They explore the vast range of future possibilities, connecting humanity’s greatest challenges with the greatest opportunities for transformation. They call these urgent futures—developments and opportunities with such extraordinary potential for changing the human landscape that we must pursue them, for to ignore them would be at our own peril.

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