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San Francisco Opera Series

Photo courtesy of San Francisco Opera

Photo courtesy of San Francisco Opera

Cascade Theatre has great HD video presentations of the San Francisco Opera from past seasons- complete with captions, it’s almost better than being in the opera house.

Attila – 11/2/2014 – The King of the Huns and his conquering hordes clash with cunning women warriors and a scheming Roman general in this dramatic work of historical fiction from the undisputed Italian master. Complete with assassination plots, dirty politics, and plenty of pomp and circumstances.
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Mephistopheles – 1/4/2015 – A heavenly chorus praises God the Creator. Mefistofele scornfully declares that he can win the soul of Faust. His challenge is accepted by the Forces of Good.
“Heaven itself opened up, with Ian Robertson’s mighty Opera Chorus…first whispering from the distance, then shak…
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Capuleti – 3/22/2015 – The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet inspired some of Shakespeare’s finest verse—and some of Bellini’s most beautiful melodies. “Riccardo Frizza “conducted with spirit and sensitivity, and drew lustrous playing from the Opera Orchestra.” –San Francisco 
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Tickets $20 – General Admission

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