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Redding Kindness Watch

CC image courtesy of Katy Astic via Flickr

CC image courtesy of Katy Astic via Flickr

Much attention has recently been given to crime in Redding, CA with Redding Merchants’ ReddingCrimeWatch.com; Redding Police Department’s nixle.com alerts; the Shasta County’s Most Wanted; City Council candidate Dacquisto’s “Let’s Take Back our City” tag line; Redding’s police chief Robert Paoletti’s July Town Hall meeting that drew hundreds of concerned citizens; and even Mayor Bosetti’s generally positive State of the City presentation on September 23, 2014. So much negative focus.

How about a Redding Kindness Watch? How about drawing attention to the wonderful people in our town with big hearts and not just those who are in fear, angry or doing terrible things?

The idea of recounting our recent experiences of acts of kindness was used as an icebreaker to introduce those of us in Leadership Redding’s class of 2015. It set a good perspective of what leadership is all about.

Let’s start our kindness watch with the fundraiser being conducted on Saturday, September 27, 2014 by officers from the Redding Police Department, firefighters from the Redding Fire Department and members of the Redding Police Managers Association for the victims of the Boles fire, which devastated Weed, California on September 15, 2014. The Boles fire destroyed or damaged over 150 homes and businesses in Weed, leaving many people homeless and without income.

The fundraiser will be conducted on the tarmac of the Redding airport during the Redding Air Show. The organizers of Air Show 2014, the Redding Exchange Club, were excited about the fundraiser stating they were proud to be involved with both the Redding Police Department and the Redding Fire Department for such an important event.

Please stop by as you visit Air Show 2014 and meet with Redding’s bravest firefighters and the City’s finest officers to help the “fill the boot” with your cash or check donation. All proceeds will go to the Siskiyou County Tri-Counties Bank which has set up a special fund for fire victims. All proceeds go directly to the Boles fire victims.

You many also make donations online through the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

Much good is done in our community, not only by McConnell Foundation grants, but by average citizens, every day!

Watch and let us know as you see acts of kindness and we will publicize them.

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