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Good Things Are Happening in Redding, CA

Rick Bosetti, Mayor of Redding, CA delivered the State of the City 2014 address to a packed crowd at the Civic Auditorium at noon on September 23, 2014.

Twice Bosetti brought up the vexing topic of crime, but as a retiring Mayor he preferred to emphasize the good things that are happening in Redding, for which he hopes to be remembered:

  • 13.8% in City finance reserves
  • 5% increase in sales tax revenues over the previous year
  • Lowering of the unemployment rate – now at 8.4%
  • Decreases in the rate of foreclosures and for lease signs
  • Turtle Bay East (40 acre site on the east side of the Sacramento River at the Highway 44 bridge
  • Construction of a new police headquarters next to City Hall
  • Renovation of 91 year old Tiger Field where the Colt 45’s play
  • Plans for a Shasta Trinity Flyfishing clubhouse at Clover Creek Preserve
  • A new gazebo at Lake Redding Park
  • Celebrate 10 events during July as the sundial bridge has its 10th birthday
  • Redding Airport’s $9.2 million remodel
  • A 3 acre solar farm for the runway lights – saving energy
  • An increase in the number of residential building permits and $1000 lower impact fees from their 2000 level
  • Downtown Redding $215,000 planning grant for a new traffic and parking plan
  • Grant of $275,000 for updating the Downtown Specific Plan to be completed by December 2016
  • A 3-year extension for the Riverfront Playhouse to build on Pine Street
  • SCAC’s management of the community TV channel from Old City Hall
  • Shasta Community Health Center expansion
  • Simpson University’s new science and nursing building
  • Bethel’s plans for a new church campus.
  • One Safe Plans plans for new facilities
  • Sewage treatment improvements at Stillwater and Clear Creek
  • A $132,000 grant that may reduce flood insurance rates for some south Redding residents near the Onley Creek Levy
  • Public Works improvements at Churn Creek; Lake Blvd.; Old Oregon Trail/Oasis; Vickers Ave. Enterprise park; and the Twin View Bridge
  • Engineering, design and ROW acquisition for proposed Costco relocation to Oasis
  • NEOGOV personnel system
  • City of Redding website redesign early 2015
  • REU Vertex software upgrade
  • $1.6 million VOIP IT conversion
  • Volunteers, including: Bethel members contributing 10,000 hours; 20,000 volunteer hours at the Redding Library; Redding Police Chaplain; and the Community Creek Clean-up

Ending his talk, Mayor Bosetti again brought up the 1/4 cent tax to be put before the voters in November to be used specifically to fight crime with added police personnel, work programs and incarceration.

For all the good things that are happening in Redding, the challenge of crime appears to loom the largest in the minds of many.

The well-being of all people in our City, in the broadest and holistic sense of the term, is what few people seem to want to talk about. Crime is only one issue. Managing the City is much more nuanced than studies, plans, programs and capital projects. How can we change the conversation?

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