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Players Guide 2014

With Citizens United Supreme Court decision, political influence by financial support is obscured. It is more difficult to judge the efficacy of ads, websites, think tank posts and talking points from the two major American political parties.

Robert Reich warns that “lawmakers respond to the policy demands of wealthy individuals and monied business interests — those with the most lobbying prowess and deepest pockets to bankroll campaigns.”

Senator Bernie Sanders warns about the skyrocketing income and wealth inequality and the destruction of the middle class. Sanders asserts that the billionaire class is “going to war against working Americans.” The very foundation of American democracy is being threatened by the billionaire class, which is the dominant political force in this country.

However, there are sources we can use to help determine bias, such as FactCheck.org (a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center); The Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact.com; and the Washington Post blog Federal-Eye.