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Yes on Measure B Debate


Revive Redding is having their first public debate on the merits of passing Redding Measure B with a yes vote in November 2014.

The debate will be held Monday, August 4, 2014 at 6 PM at the Destiny Fellowship Church, 2570 S Bonnyview Rd, Redding, CA 96001. They will debate in front of the Redding Tea Party!!

Favoring a Yes vote on Measure B will be:

  • KCNR’s Carl Bott
  • Former Mayor Arch Pugh
  • Christy Largent Mom

The measure is opposed by Redding Revolt. Debating against a Yes vote on Measure B will be:

  • City Council member Gary Cadd
  • Union Rep Tom Curato

Passing Measure B will ratify the land deal previously approved by the Redding City Council to allow construction to proceed on a four-star Sheraton Hotel adjacent to Turtle Bay Exploration Park.